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Brand: FORD
Make - model Ford B-Max ECO BOOST TITANIUM '17Ad number 37271890Price     €12,500Financing€231.57 / monthCondition UsedVan/Mini Bus categoryDate 6/2017Mileage 80,000 kmFuel GasolineCubic 1,000 ccHorses 125 bhpSasman ManualColor Silver (Metallic)Living room upholstery FabricRim size 15..
Ex Tax:10,080.65€
Brand: FORD
Make - model Ford Fiesta 1.0cc TITANIUM ECO BOOST 100hp '17Ad number 327704195Price     €10,990Financing€203.60 / monthCondition UsedCompact/Hatchback categoryDate 1/2017Mileage 142,000 kmFuel GasolineCubic 1,000 ccHorses 100 bhpSasman ManualColor Silver (Metallic)Interior color Black..
Ex Tax:8,862.90€
Brand: FORD
Make - model Ford Focus ST LINE 1.5 TDCI 120HP NAVI CLIMA FULL EXTRA '18Ad number 325188674Price €17,490Condition UsedLimousine/Sedan categoryDate 6/2018Mileage 113,000 kmFuel OilCubic 1,500 ccHorses 120 bhpSasman ManualColor Gray (Metallic)Living room upholstery FabricPollutants (co2) 99 g/kmRim si..
Ex Tax:13,701.61€
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