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Brand: AUDI
NEW 07 CONDITIONMake - model Audi TT quattro 1.8Ad number 322761139Price     €14,990Financing€289.95 / monthCondition UsedCabrio/Roadster categoryDate 9/2007Mileage 54,000 kmFuel GasolineCubic 1,800 ccHorses 225 bhpSasman ManualColor Black (Metallic)Living room upholstery LeatherRim s..
Ex Tax:12,088.71€
Make - model Citroen C3 Aircross BlueHDi 120 HP AUTOMATIC EAT6 EURO6 '19Ad number 327786966Price  €18,600Financing€359.78 / monthCondition UsedCategory 4x4/Jeep/SuvDate 11/2019Mileage 96,500 kmFuel OilCubic 1,500 ccHorses 120 bhpSasman AutomaticColor Beige (Metallic)Interior color Two-toneLivin..
Ex Tax:15,201.61€
Make - model Dacia Duster BLACK TOUCH CDI 110 HP NAVI CA '17Ad number 330390294Price     €15,490Financing€299.62 / monthCondition UsedCategory 4x4/Jeep/SuvDate 8/2017Kilometers 12,000 kmFuel OilCubic 1,461 ccHorses 110 bhpSasman ManualColor Black (Metallic)Interior color Two-toneLivin..
Ex Tax:12,491.94€
Brand: FORD
Make - model Ford B-Max ECO BOOST TITANIUM '17Ad number 37271890Price     €12,500Financing€231.57 / monthCondition UsedVan/Mini Bus categoryDate 6/2017Mileage 80,000 kmFuel GasolineCubic 1,000 ccHorses 125 bhpSasman ManualColor Silver (Metallic)Living room upholstery FabricRim size 15..
Ex Tax:10,080.65€
Brand: FORD
Make - model Ford Fiesta 1.0cc TITANIUM ECO BOOST 100hp '17Ad number 327704195Price     €10,990Financing€203.60 / monthCondition UsedCompact/Hatchback categoryDate 1/2017Mileage 142,000 kmFuel GasolineCubic 1,000 ccHorses 100 bhpSasman ManualColor Silver (Metallic)Interior color Black..
Ex Tax:8,862.90€
Brand: FORD
Make - model Ford Focus ST LINE 1.5 TDCI 120HP NAVI CLIMA FULL EXTRA '18Ad number 325188674Price €17,490Condition UsedLimousine/Sedan categoryDate 6/2018Mileage 113,000 kmFuel OilCubic 1,500 ccHorses 120 bhpSasman ManualColor Gray (Metallic)Living room upholstery FabricPollutants (co2) 99 g/kmRim si..
Ex Tax:13,701.61€
Brand - model Jaguar F-Pace PORTFOLIO 180HP 4WD '17Ad number 317597977Price €53,800Financing €1,040.64 / monthCondition UsedCategory 4x4/Jeep/SuvDate 6/2017Kilometers 66,500 kmFuel OilCubic 2,000 ccHorses 180 bhpSasman AutomaticColor Black (Metallic)Living room upholstery LeatherRim size 18 inchesSi..
Ex Tax:43,387.10€
Make - model Mercedes-Benz A 160 '12Ad number 328448426Price     €7,990Financing€148.02 / monthCondition UsedVan/Mini Bus categoryDate 5/2012Kilometers 150 kmFuel GasolineCubic 1,498 ccHorses 95 bhpSasman ManualColor Beige (Metallic)Interior color BlackLiving room upholstery FabricRim..
Ex Tax:6,443.55€
Brand: OPEL
Make - model Opel Astra 1.5 CDTI 110 HP NAVI PARKT CAM MDHENICA FEES '19Ad number 327732193Price€16,500Financing€319.16 / monthCondition UsedCategory Kombi/CaravanDate 9/2019Mileage 89,000 kmFuel OilCubic 1,500 ccHorses 110 bhpSasman ManualGrey colourLiving room upholstery FabricPollutants (co2) 90 ..
Ex Tax:13,306.45€
Brand: OPEL
Make - model Opel Campo Van Maxi 1.6 105HP COOLER 0c '15Ad number 325472855Price    €13,990Condition UsedVan/Mini Bus categoryDate 8/2015Kilometers 132,500 kmFuel OilCubic 1,600 ccHorses 105 bhpSasman ManualColor WhiteInterior color BlackLiving room upholstery FabricRim size 16 inchesEuro ..
Ex Tax:11,282.26€
Brand: OPEL
Make - model Opel Crossland X INNOVATION 110 HP AYTOMATO CA '18Ad number 328687603Price€18,850Condition UsedCategory 4x4/Jeep/SuvDate 8/2018Mileage 96,000 kmFuel GasolineCubic 1,200 ccHorses 110 bhpSasman AutomaticColor RedInterior color Two-toneLiving room upholstery Leather - fabricRim size 17 inc..
Ex Tax:15,201.61€
Make - model Peugeot 2008 1.6 BlueHDi 120 Allure '17Ad number 327095011Price€16,490Financing€318.96 / monthCondition UsedCategory 4x4/Jeep/SuvDate 8/2017Kilometers 127,800 kmFuel OilCubic 1,600 ccHorses 120 bhpSasman ManualColor Gray (Metallic)Living room upholstery Leather - fabricPollution class E..
Ex Tax:12,895.16€
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